Playbuilders of Hawaiʻi Proposed Identity Redesign

As Playbuilders of Hawaiʻi reached their ten year anniversary, they were in need of an identity logo redesign. The Playbuilders of Hawaiʻi is a local theater group company based in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi. This company puts great effort into giving people a sense of community and belonging, offering a guiding hand to lead to personal growth and healing. Plays and their stories are built by the membersʻ stories and how they connect with Hawaiʻiʻs environment. 

My proposed identity highlights the community aspect, as well as how this groupʻs practices are reflected in Hawaiian legend and culture. My design focuses on a more contemporary, simple look, using simple shapes and figures as well as minimal color. 

From a group of thirteen designers, my proposed identity was selected by founder, Terri Madden, as one of the three finalists in the process of choosing a new identity.